Polycom® CX300 Desktop Phone

I’m lazy to write something of my own about it and i haven’t tested the device, but i like it from the picture, here is the text from polycoms page.

  • Convenient dial pad and display
  • High definition audio for best possible voice and video calls
  • Full featured telephone peripheral for Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2
  • USB, driverless plug-and-play installation


Features and Benefits

Integration with Microsoft Windows® XP and Microsoft Windows Vista™

  • Seamless unified communications experience without drivers or software

Ease of use

  • Convenient dial pad and 2 line monochrome backlit display
  • Plug and play operation to a USB port on the PC

Superior voice quality

  • Clear high definition wideband audio maximized the accuracy and productivity of real-time conversations whether handset, full duplex speaker phone or headset mode

Enhanced presence indicator

  • Presence status monitoring to efficiently route calls

link to product page

if you can read Swedish, Telekomidag wrote about it and stated that the price is around 1300 SEK + VAT