Who's federated? #Lync #Office365

So right now there is three four lists of companies that have enabled federation that I know about.

First there’s Julian’s list of companies in New Zealand http://blog.kiwibees.net/index.php?p=176

Then there is the list of Swedish companies on the Swedish UC Klubben (SUCK) that originated from Mattias Kressmark.

And the last one I have found is Matt landis List at his blog

Edit: “Mdangelo” posted a comment with link to a list over all the American universitys that are federated, and thats a great long list of students that can work without boundaries (now i just wish that it was that long in the rest of the word and that all these university students from all over the word could federate and collaborate with each other.)

I also created a subsection on the blog called Federation Yellow Pages where you could get listed.

If there is any other lists of federated companies out there, please let us know in the comments.