If you plan to update your Lync Server 2013 READ THIS!!!!

Update: Apparently we don’t need to include -update any longer so the below is not longer valid!


Summary: include –update when you update the database via PowerShell

The KB article on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2809243 has some errors in its PowerShell commands for the Lync Backend database upgrade.

the missing thing is –update

Before you update your Lync Server backend you should always run these commands:

MD C:\LyncUpdates

Test-CsDatabase -SqlServerFqdn FQDNSQL -ConfiguredDatabases | Out-File -FilePath c:\LyncUpdates\testcsdatabasebefore.txt -Append

Test-CsDatabase -SqlServerFqdn FQDNSQL -CentralManagementDatabase | Out-File -FilePath c:\LyncUpdates\testcsdatabasebefore.txt –Append

In the textfile that you just created you will see what db versions you are on (this is good for later reference).
Then run the command to update the db there are some different parameters and so on depending on your setups, so please make sure to read the KB article on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2809243 and If you just copy/paste and run the examples  from the KB article it will will look something like this.


Notice how the ExpectedVersion and the InstalledVersion differs.

Then rerun the command and now include –update and it will actually update.