Next week is #LyncConf

I’m starting to prepare for next weeks Lync Conference and the team that did MEC happen kind of set the bar pretty high. But I got great confidence that Lyncconf will pull that bar skyhigh up in the air. Like Bill says (from his reddit chat when asked what’s better Windows 7 or 8):


Btw, if you got minutes over I really recommend reading through Bill Gates reddit chat from a few days ago. Mr Gates is pretty amazing and a true idol to look up to with all the great work he is doing. while not touring interesting places and things with his kids including power plants, garbage dumps, the Large Hadron Collider, missile silos and Antarctica(!).

Well back to the Lync Conf, I’m planning to be in San Diego from Saturday to Saturday so if you see me just grab me for a chat.

Hope to see many of you there!!!