Create a looping intro PowerPoint slide for great #Lync meetings

Back in the time of Live Meeting we used to see some looping intro slides that rolled through before the meetings started. But they have been missing for a while now, mostly (I think) because Lync Server 2010 did not support it.

But with Lync Server 2013 relaying on Office Web Apps we can now create a introductory PowerPoint slide that the presenter upload in advance of the meeting and it will then roll through while you wait to start the meeting.

One thing I want to point out though is that Office Web Apps is a trimmed down version of the full PowerPoint client.  One of the items trimmed out is the looping functionality. So you have to create your set of slides, and then when you are done copy them so lets say your set of slides is 10 slides, it will now be 21, oh 10+10 is not 21 you think.

Well that’s because when the slides have rolled through they will just stop, so you will have to make the last slide a bit special so that your users see some good info on that slide if it ever comes to that end.

Ok so lets prep the ppt deck.

First create your deck as you want it but DO NOT MAKE THAT LOOPING COPY YET!


So the second step should be to create the timers for how long your slides should show, before they transition to the next slide.

Click the Transitions tab


Then set the timer to something, I use 20 sec in this example.

Repeat that for all your slides.

And now when you have set the timers on ALL your slides, you can go ahead and copy them to create that looping effect.


As you can see I “loop” my set of slides three times before I end with the first slide.

Then just save and instruct your users to upload the PowerPoint and to start it 5 minutes before the meeting starts, would you want it 15 minutes or something just fine tune the timers or copy the sets again. (and don’t forget that ending slide)


My PowerPoint can bee seen and of course borrowed here