It’s time for you and me to take this to the next level!

We are moving on!! And by that I would like to thank all of you who have been following my blog over the year! But its long from done with this, im just moving on!

It’s time to face new challenges and set new goals for myself. It’s not a secret that the future of IT is in the cloud and most of my work the last couple of years have been with Office 365 so I now made the decision to go “all up”!!!

The first of January I  started a new company togheter with some of the best people on this planet when it comes to Exchange, the company will be called Altitude 365.
Together we are two MVP’s, one MCSM and the best guy available for migrations from non-Microsoft platforms. Please feel free to visit our website, our Facebook page, our LinkedIn page and follow us on Twitter to find out more about us!

All content will remain on this blog but new content will be added to our new blog, please add it to you favorites our add it to your RSS reader, I can promise you a lot of great information now when we are more people writing content than just me, so you want to follow us!

Once again a big Thank you! and if you need to reach me its now for both Lync and email.