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Todays lesson learned–Exchange 2010 upgrade with Active Sync and MobileIron

Ok just a short post on this topic.

When upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 you can let your E2010CAS redirect your users that are still hosted on the 2007 server to a legacy record. This will enable you to migrate over time and take it easy and just have a great and good time with your upgrade.

Well to make it short, IF you are using mobileiron or any other mobile device management system that takes over the active sync part. DO NOT, I repeat DON’T  run Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory –ExternalURL legacy.domain.com or change the external EAS record in the ECP.

This is because the phones are so smart now days that they actually updates the server record to legacy.domain.com and tries to logon to that server. And guess what, well since they are managed by another system they will not be able to logon and you will loose them.

So if you did set your external url to something just run:
Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -Server Exchange2007CAS | Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -ExternalURL:$null

This will reset the automagically forward thing and just proxy the EAS instead. see this post for more info http://www.stevieg.org/2010/01/solving-iphone-and-exchange-20102007-coexistance-issues/

And then reset their EAS server record via the MobileIron profile. And its all good again.

And one more thing, read through http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2009/12/08/3408985.aspx for some great info on EAS upgrades.

Installing SP2 on Exchange UM still requires you to uninstalling UM language pack first

My Friend Magnus has a great blogpost covering the steps for installing SP2 on Exchange 2010 that rtw´d today.

What is not covered is when UM is installed and it also has a language pack that is non English. What will happen when you try to update to sp2 is that the setup fails and you are prompted to uninstall the language packs before it can update to sp2. (yes I always forget this)


To fix this error close the setup and fire up Exchange management shell and uninstalling the UM language pack.

But don’t get fooled trying to just run just Setup.com /RemoveUmLanguagePack:sv-SE from the prompt since this will fail and just give you a prompt back.


So what you need to do is to run the original setup.com and this is actually documented on TechNet http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb124004.aspx 

“You can’t use the Setup.com file that’s located in the \Bin folder to remove a UM language pack after you’ve installed any updates for Exchange 2010. You must use the Setup.com file from the Exchange 2010 DVD or the downloaded source files. If you don’t, you’ll see the following error: There is a version mismatch between the running application and the installed application. “

Ok so find that old iso and mount it and then then try running Setup.com /RemoveUmLanguagePack:sv-SE from it and you will se something different.


Ok when the UM language packs are uninstalled its time to update the Exchange to sp2, just follow Magnus guide for that.

And when SP2 is applied we have to install the language pack again, but the latest and greatest version that can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=28191

And to install it, just run Setup.com /AddUmLanguagePack:sv-SE /s: d:\MyLocalFolder

(sv-SE could/should of course be switched to the language pack you are installing.)

Btw, I just saw that its now posible to just doubleclick the languagepack.exe file and then install via the gui


Lync PowerShell tip: 6 #Lync #Exchange #PowerShell

All credit for this tip should be directed to @patrichard that runs the blog http://www.ehloworld.com/

Get-mailbox | Set-mailbox -MailTip “This looks like a message that would be better to send in Lync!”

What this one does is to create a internal MailTip for all messages that are sent to internal recipients. Making it look something like this


PSM “PowerShell Master” beta #Office365 #Lync #Exchange #Sharepoint #Powershell tool

!!! The beta has ended and PSM is now released onto the Office 365 marketplace. !!!!
!!! Click here to find PSM in the Office 365 marketplace !!!


As some of you might know I have been developing a tool built in InfoPath 2010, yes you read right. InfoPath is that Office program that got installed on your pc that you probably never ever started before, kind of like OneNote, a real hidden gem, unfortunately not so many people uses InfoPath but don’t worry, you only need to have it installed and the tool is being delivered in email to your Outlook client so it will always be near at hands when needed and auto updated as I release updates (so creating a folder and a rule for it in Outlook might be a good idea).

Anyway the tool is a question/form based PowerShell tool, for Lync, Exchange & SharePoint. On-premises or online in the cloud doesn’t matter as I designed it to work both ways. So it’s excellent for Office 365 and since I don’t even have an Exchange server anymore all my development and testing are done with Office 365 for now.


Personally I have found it time consuming and some time troublesome to manage my customers systems in PowerShell as I tend to forget some of the different cmdlts. And I got bored of having to ask my customers the same questions over and over again when setting up policy’s for them, so I first created a form to be filled that generated a PowerShell command as output. I then designed this in a kind of a “flowchart way” to easily and quickly install and set up Lync proof of concepts.

The process is now getting fine tuned and setting up a custom Lync front end for lets say a PoC is now a matter of minutes (minus the installation time of course) but the general config can easily be made in the form and then with the press of a button remote PowerShell configures it all for you.

From there I have developed the tool to now work with Office 365 and Exchange Online. Well Exchange on-premises works as well but only some cmdlets are supported in the beta.




Mobile Device management

One section is dedicated for Mobile Device Management (via Exchange ActiveSync) and there are options to completely take control of your organizations mobile platform via policy’s pushed out via ActiveSync. Reporting of devices, block devices wipe, devices, etc..

Office 365

Partner support so that you can manage all your customers from one tool will be in the tool at V1 and when there is support from Microsoft.

User management, domain management well everything is in there, what you can do in PowerShell against Office365 you can do in PSM.

Lync Server 2010

Flowchart based setup of Lync Server, tuned to save time and make an ultimate configuration for your customers. Management and reporting are built in.

Design Goals in V1

My design goals with the V1 are that 100% of Lync and Office365 should be there.

V1.5 will be 100% Exchange and SharePoint

You as an admin will have full control and the commands being run are always visible for your fine tuning and most importantly (at least for me) for training. In a way PSM is also the perfect PowerShell training tool since its all so visible for you to verify before you hit run. I can honestly say that my PowerShell skills has gone from noob to 100 in some weeks of using the tool.

There will be two or more versions and my goals are that the full version should be very affordable and the free version might be ad supported in the future depending on what I want to do with it for V2.

Beta Sign up?

Beta signup can now be made by sending a email to psmsignup@ucaware.com










I am now a MCITP: Lync Server Administrator – #Lync #Exchange

So today I took three MCP´s first TS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuring 70-662 and after that I had some time to do TS: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Configuring 70-664 and that one went well and quite fast so I had some time left and did PRO: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Administrator 70-665 as well.

All three certs went well. So I am now a MCITP: Lync Server Administrator

Next up (next week or so) is Pro: Designing and Deploying Messaging Solutions with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 70-663

* it takes some time for the MCP site to update so the snapin is not showing the correct info yet. but you can have a look here for more info https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/tommy.clarke/profile

TechDays Sweden 2011 #Lync & #UCOMS sessions

This week is fully booked with preparations for my session at next weeks TechDays in Sweden. Its sold out and to everyone attending there is about four sessions you have to go to and one session that you cant miss Open-mouthed smile


Day 1

Kundcase – Införande av Lync Voice
Christina Larsson, Subir Byström, Henrik Börjesson
Nivå: 200 Målgrupp: Tekniker

Ale Kommun bestämde sig tidigt att implementera Microsoft Lync. De har valt att förutom chatt och närvaro, även nyttja resurs och svarsgrupper samt konferens och telefonidelarna i Lync. Seminariet innehåller erfarenheter från införandet, både verksamhetsmässiga så som tekniska.


Exchange 2010 SP1 med eller utan backup?
Magnus Björk
Nivå: 300 Målgrupp: Tekniker

Det finns stora pengar att spara på att inte ta traditionell backup av Exchange men hur gör man? Vilka krav ställer det på verksamheten? Vad skyddar vi oss emot och hur får vi tillbaka våra mail? Ja svaret på dessa frågor och många fler får du på denna session med Magnus Björk, MVP på Exchange.


Vad är nytt i Lync 2010?
Martin Lidholm, Per Andersson
Nivå: 100 Målgrupp: It-chefer

Uppföljaren till Office Communications Server 2007 R2 har bytt namn till Lync 2010. Det är inte bara namnet som blivit enklare utan även produkten. Kom och se hur Lync 2010 kan förändra ditt sätt att arbeta genom att enkelt låta dig växla mellan flera kommunikationsmetoder så som Instant Messaging, webbmöten, videosamtal och telefoni. Under en timme tittar vi närmare på vad som är nytt, både för användaren, och ur ett tekniskt perspektiv. • Vad är Lync 2010/Lync Server 2010? • Vad har förbättrats ur ett tekniskt perspektiv? • Vad har förbättrats ur ett användarperspektiv? • Enklare att komma igång • En klient för IM, telefoni och möten

This is the session NOT to miss —> 17:45-18:45

Byt ut din gamla växel – en djupdykning i Lync telefoni

Tommy Clarke
Nivå: 300 Målgrupp: Tekniker

Lync teamet har gjort ett otroligt bra jobb med att bygga en skalbar Unified Communications plattform som enkelt kan ersätta allt från den minsta växellösningen till större världsomspännande Enterprise telefonilösningar. I denna session tittar vi på hur man byter från traditionell telefoni till en UC lösning baserad på Lync och demar vilka egentliga fördelar det ger gentemot traditionell telefoni. Vi tittar på den nya funktionaliteten med Survivable Branch Appliance och hur man med andra enkla medel får en redundans mellan olika siter för sin telefonilösning, demos av några av de enheter som tagits fram speciellt för Lync samt hur man övervakar kvalité i hela lösningen från servern till endpoint.