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A “how to” on #Lync Mobile logs

I´m currently troubleshooting why Exchange integration wont work in Lync Mobile for Windows Phone 8, so I have spent the afternoon in the log files, and I learned some things listed here…

So lets start with the basics.

On all three of the mobile clients, WP, iOS & Android you can enable logging from the settings menu. Its off by default and needs to be turned on to collect logs.


After you enable logging, restart the application and retry what you are trying to do, then go back in to the settings menu and click on Save logs.wp_ss_20130812_0005

(the image above actually says email it across, where it should say copy )

Depending on what platform you are doing this on, the experience will differ.

On Windows Phone, when you click Save logs it will create a .JPG file. this is because there is no direct access to the “file system” on Windows Phone. But we can access some multimedia files so this is actually pretty smart.

Naturally the next step from here would be to send this jpg file in an email. Well actually NO!!!! Don’t do that, this was only possible before on Windows Phone 7.5. The reason being that the mail app compresses the images and will actually remove the logging information.


See its only 7 KB

Instead plug the USB cable in and copy the file manually and it will be a much larger file, like 3 mb larger


Now rename the extension of that file to a .log file and open it in Notepad (I actually use Notepad++)

There will be a lot of jibberish at the begging, but under that the real Lync Mobile logs are located


The iOS experience is a bit more straight forward. Again just go in to the Options \ Logging and hit the Send log Files button.

The app will then compose a email for you with the log files attached including some basic info


The Android experience is similar to that of iOS but it actually stores the logfiles in a zip file.

A funny thing is that I use Office 365 with vanilla settings and the zip file gets removed every time I try to send it from myself, to myself from an Android device so you might have to look out for that.

Well at this stage you should have received the log files and you are good to go do some trouble shooting