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Configure team-call aka “Call pickup” in Lync Server 2010 – #Lync

Traditional call pick up, where you hear someone’s phone ringing and you just dial their extension plus *3 or something to pick that call up, as yourself is currently not supported in Lync.

But there is a workaround, the team-call function.


So let’s say that the scenario here is an open office environment and a team of people that works with the same tasks.  If one of your colleagues is away from their desk and their phone rings, anyone in the team should be able to pick up the call. This leads me to thinking of if we could do something with Response Groups, but:

· Response Groups aren’t a replacement because you don’t want 10 phones ringing every time someone calls.  

· Forwarding to a Response Group doesn’t work – you don’t want to wait 10 rings before you can pick up the call.

So the workaround to enable “Call pickup” is to first configure a Team-Call Group.

Open Lync Options on the client computer and go to “Call Forwarding”. Click the “Edit my team-call group members”


Add members to your team-call group as appropriate; remember that these people will also see your calls and be able to answer them. You might want to set the “Ring your team-call group after this many seconds” to 5 to have at least 5 seconds chance to pick the calls up before your teams phones start to ringing.


After you click ok a pop-up will remember you that you also have to enable “Simultaneously Ring”


Enable “Simultaneously Ring” and set it to “My Team-Call Group”


But we didn’t want 10 phones ringing at the same time remember!

So the second step is to turn of the ringtone for team calls.


Go to “Ringtones and Sounds” and then click “My team (team-call group calls)” and set the ringtone to None.

Your team members will now see a toast when a call comes in to you, which they can answer but they won’t hear a ringtone for your calls.


For a good laugh, watch this–Team Call Handling #OCS #Lync

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