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#OCS in the conference room–ClearOne INTERACT AT-OC

I don’t remember really where I got the question last but I get it a lot and the answer has previously always been buy a Roundtable…

Well as of today I will change that answer.


Its called The INTERACT AT-OC from ClearOne

Add your conferencing room to the Communications Server Ecosystem with the INTERACT AT-OC . The INTERACT AT-OC is a complete room audio solution that connects to the Microsoft Communications Client’s PC with US B audio. It includes a tabletop dialer, an audio mixer, loudspeakers and microphones. Simply unpack the solution, plug in the microphones, connect the loudspeakers, add the PC and the room is ready for a CSCS conference.

              • Applications
                Use Collaboration capabilities in the group room
                Video conferencing
                Web conferencing
                Audio Conferencing
                Enable Microsoft Communications Server in group rooms
                Training Center
                Executive Office
  • Advantages
    Bring Microsoft Communications Server Voice into the Conference Room
    Just add a PC to run the Communications Server
    The PC connects to INTERACT AT-OC via USB
    Create Group Video Conferencing using Microsoft Communications Server at a fraction of the cost
    Just add the PC, LCD and USB Camera to INTERACT AT-OC.
    HD capabilities with Communications Server
    As easy to install as a Conferencing Phone
    Plug & Play
    Connect Microphones to Mixer
    Connect Speakers to Mixer
    Connect Dialer to Mixer
    Connect PC to USB Port
    No programming required
    Uses Desktop Microsoft Communicator Client

More info http://www.clearone.com/docs/datasheets/800-154-002-02-DS_Rev1.0_INTERACT_AT-OC_Datasheet.pdf

Microsoft is in the lead



I´m ALL in

I’m looking at the WPC online and all I can say is that I’m all in.