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#OCS & Public IM federation just got a little better.

Well not really if your using OCS but, for the ones that got CS14 up and running you can now download the beta of Live Messenger and have Video calls from Communicator to Live messenger.

I’m not sure if it will work right away but this is going to be cool later on when Kinnect gets out to the X360 and later on when Windows Phone 7 comes out with its FaceTime killer Winking smile

The three screens vision will then be complete.

For MS Partners: Microsoft Communications Server "14" Comparison Videos #OCS

edit: it´s not so much “14” about these videos yet, it might come some later so keep checking the url in some time.

Microsoft Comparison Video: end user experience- setting single number reach: Watch this demo and find out how Microsoft and Cisco compare in terms of user experience. This video shows how users configure single number reach from within both Microsoft and Cisco solutions.

Microsoft Comparison Video: end user experience- setting call forwarding: Watch this demo and find out how Microsoft and Cisco compare in terms of user experience. This video shows how users set up call forwarding when working remotely from both company’s’ respective desktop clients.


Unified Communications in 2010 and beyond – Interview

There’s a webcast over at Technet Edge of Jaime Stark and John Durant (From TechEd) that is a must see.

Get Microsoft Silverlight


Jaime Stark and John Durant tell us about some of the cool new capabilities in Office 2010 and Office Communication Server 2010 at Ch9Live during TechEd North America 2010.  They discuss the keynote demo, trends they see happening in the communications industry, and various other topics such as:

  • Cool applications developed in Office 2010 and ways to develop to UC 2010.
  • How Live Meeting will now be merged into Office Communicator 2010
  • Does Office Communicator use WPF components?
  • Will there be an API for the new Skydrive / Windows Live Sync?
  • Where are all of the places you can co-author Office documents?  Differences between sharing in UC and Co-authoring


Microsoft Communications Server “14”


With TechEd US kicking of there is already a lot of news regarding MCS14 on the net and in the blogs.

Since I’m late and most of it already been written about i will just post a quick list of my stared posts regarding MCS14 .

First of check out Microsoft’s Official page and the Communications Server "14" PowerShell Blog

There is a post over at zdnet.com by Mary Jo Foley worth reading.

Microsoft shares more details on its next version of its PBX alternative, OCS 14 and that’s where i found the slides. (showing that Office Communications Online is coming STRONG and that we all will be out of business soon ;)



There is also a good post and some comments worth reading over at neowin Microsoft demonstrates Office Communicator 14

The OCSTeam also posted a blog Communications Server “14” – Replace, Enhance or Add to your PBX & IP-PBX Systems

Curtis Johnstone have a short list of the Key Features of MCS 14 and last but not least read through Jeff Schertz post Communications Server ‘14’ Full Disclosure


Configuration notes for those of you lucky enough to get the beta bits.

George Durzi did a post on how to configure the expert search feature that works together with SharePoint 2010 that i just got setup before i started writing this post.

Damien Caro has a post on the subject of “Replicating user pictures from SharePoint 2010 to Exchange 2010 and Communications Server 14” which show the beauty of the wave 14 puzzle.

and then there is Mike Stacy´s post discussing DNS load balancing for MCS14

Future Licensing Changes to Microsoft Office Communications Server


With the future launch of Office Communications Server wave 14, access to the voice workload will be licensed via its own Client Access License (“OCS Voice CAL”).  Some of the voice specific capabilities will be removed from the OCS wave 14 Enterprise CAL and combined with new voice features/functionality in this new OCS Voice CAL. Beyond wave 14 the new OCS Voice CAL will include many new voice capabilities to provide Enterprise Ready Voice. The OCS wave 14 Voice CAL will be an additive CAL on top of the OCS wave 14 Standard CAL. Customers will have the option to license the OCS wave 14 Enterprise CAL and OCS wave 14 Voice CAL separately or together.

The OCS Voice CAL and associated voice functionality will not be included within the Enterprise CAL Suite (ECAL Suite) when OCS wave 14 launches. The OCS wave 14 Enterprise CAL will undergo a price decrease to reflect the move of voice functionality to the OCS Voice CAL

Customers who purchase the OCS Enterprise CAL or ECAL Suite between July 1, 2009 but before the release of OCS wave 14 and maintain their Software Assurance will have access rights equivalent to the rights under the OCS Voice CAL for the OCS wave 14 release. Customers will need to separately renew the OCS Voice CAL Software Assurance at their first renewal period post OCS 14 launch if they choose to keep the OCS 14 Voice CAL Software Assurance benefits.

Customers who purchased an OCS Enterprise CAL or the ECAL Suite prior to July 1, 2009 and have maintained their Software Assurance have access rights equivalent to the rights under the OCS Voice CAL for two releases, OCS wave 14 and OCS wave 15. Customers need to separately renew the OCS Voice CAL Software Assurance at their first renewal period post the OCS wave 15 release in order to maintain Software Assurance benefits. This grandfathering policy is designed to address customer concerns about the transition and provide sufficient time for deployment and budgeting, enabling us to maintain high satisfaction among our customers

Customers who do not have Software Assurance, or do not maintain Software Assurance on their OCS Enterprise CAL or the ECAL Suite will not be qualified for either grandfathering offer and will be required to purchase the OCS Voice CAL when released to acquire the future voice functionality.


Download: Microsoft Communicator 2010 Attendee (Beta)

Microsoft Communicator 2010 Attendee is a meeting application that facilitates joining Communications Server hosted meetings.

Join Meetings

    This applications allows users to join Communications Server hosted meetings they are invited to by providing a display name. The application allows the user to wait in lobby if required by the meeting organizer and get admitted only once the organizer approves.
    NOTE: This application joins the meeting as anonymous and does not let the user provide any credentials. Hence if the user installs this applications they join all Communications Server hosted meetings as anonymous user.

Communication Modalities

    This application provides different communication capabilities while in the meeting. Supported communication modalities are IM, audio and video.

Collaboration tools

    This application also provides a set of tools for collaboration during the meeting. Examples of such tools are application sharing, screen sharing, sharing handouts, white board and present PowerPoint slides.





See more http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/2010office/imageGallery.aspx

New phones from Polycom for MCS 14 looking good


Image is “borrowed” from stevenjenkinson´s blog and i recommend you to head over there to see some more pictures of the other two devices.