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Competella Communication Suite


I have been working a bit together with Competella and got some early insights to their products and we can really say fully now that Office Communications Server 2007 R2 is a PBX replacement. The Competella Communication Suite fills many of the gaps there previously was in OCS and a traditional PBX. There are still some holes to be filled in OCS but they are surely going to be asphalted away by Communications Server 14. The only thing I am missing now is a better mobile story.

I know that the guys at Competella is now looking for beta/customers so please contact me or have a look at their web http://www.competella.com/ for more information.

Competella Communication Suite

The Competella Communication Suite provides complementary applications for the OCS that includes an advanced attendant console / “lite” contact center, a voice agent for availability management and an extended search tool in Office Communicator. The Communication Suite purely uses Microsoft software as the platform. It is designed to also support mixed voice environment with legacy PBX’s to offer companies and organizations a smooth and easy migration path to Microsoft UM either directly or step-by-step. The Competella Communication Suite will make PBX replacement easier especially on the European market.

Multimedia Attendant

The Competella Multimedia Attendant is an excellent tool for switchboard attendants that integrate call control with an advanced directory search tool, access to presence, calendar, e-mail and IM. The system adds attendant call control functionality to the Microsoft OCS beyond the level found in legacy PBXs. Competella Multimedia Attendant is designed to support hybrid solutions with legacy PBXs connected via SIP-trunks (direct or via a Q-SIG gateway). The system is highly scalable and it supports multi-tenant and hosted solutions with redundancy. Competella Multimedia Attendant can also be used for “lite” contact centers.

Competella Multimedia Attendant consists of a set of server roles and a Windows client.

Competella Multimedia Attendant – Highlights

· Advanced call and queue handling (ACD)

· Multi-queue support with flexible configurations of queue messages, priority, opening hours etc.

· Music on hold

· Callers can get info on position in queue and expected waiting time

· Skills-based-routing

· Screen pop-up of external applications

· Blind transfer / Consultation transfer

· Toggling between and A- and B-parties

· Camp-on services (also for external devices e.g. mobile phones and PBX extensions)

· Recall on no answer (to the originating attendant)

· Park call / pickup of parked calls (private and common queues)

· Full overview of queued / parked calls in the attendant GUI

· Busy-Lamp-Field – functionality (static / dynamic)

· Call recording

· Direct drop to voice mail

· Advanced and fast directory search tool (organization, skills etc.)

· Embedded clients for Presence, IM and calendar access

· View of presence status for attendant colleagues

· RSS-based message board

· Set call forwarding for endpoints (also for PBX endpoints in hybrid solutions)

· Dynamic GUI –only relevant information is shown

· Configurable shortcuts, the mouse is not needed

· Synchronization with Active Directory Server (LDAP)

· Traffic analysis reports and CDR-records for the attendant service

· Real-time monitoring of call queues (Wallboard)

· Presence-based call routing for PBX extensions for hybrid solutions.


Competella Availability Agent

The Competella Availability Agent can act as a front-end to the voice-mail system to readout availability information from the calendar using text-to-speech. Example:

“Welcome to Competella, Paul Johnsson is in a meeting and will be available at 3:00 pm. To connect to an attendant – press 1, to leave a message – press 2”.

Calls can be forwarded to the agent on no answer or optionally direct, based on the presence status.

Competella plug-in for Office Communicator

It is possible to install an Office Communicator plug-in to provide the following features for end users:

· Advanced and fast directory search tool (organization, skills etc.) – the same as for attendants.

Self-service for updating directory user data, settings for hybrid solutions and the Competella Availability Agent.

Company Presentation

Competella AB develops SW-applications within the Multimedia and Unified Communication field based on Microsoft Office Communication Server and Microsoft Exchange. The company was established in early 2009 by six highly skilled partners with a long track record developing applications in the voice communications area. We have also a long experience working closely with platform vendors like Cisco, Ericsson, Alcatel and Nortel to distribute products indirect through their channel partners globally. Competella has offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

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I´m ALL in

I’m looking at the WPC online and all I can say is that I’m all in.