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Microsoft’s Unified Communications strategy gets clear

Well, its been abit foggy for a while. But with last weeks rumor that Live messenger will be retired and transitioned into Skype I think its also a pretty good idea to put the Lync team under Skype’s management (also rumored on twitter last week) (Source)

This gives us a pretty clear picture on how MS will target its UC products with Exchange as, well this on is clear right? but also now with Skype as the consumer product and Lync as the product to use in your business, and that’s it!

Lets also hope that this merge will benefit Lync and enable us to use some of the great stuff that Skype has built up.

(Now hurry up with that video federation between Lync & Skype, as this can be done today with Live Messenger)

(please let us use Skype as a siptrunk provider ASAP)

(will this mean that we will be transitioned to Skype MVP´s next year?)

What else would you like to see come out of this?
Comments are open!

Telia starts to charge extra for using mobile VoIP

One of the arguments to why there wasn’t support for VoIP in the Lync mobile client was that some (all) of the carriers don’t like VoIP. Now one of the largest carrier in Sweden has announced that they will start to charge a monthly extra fee on all new plans where you simply pay to use free VoIP apps.

When you use Lync on a mobile phone today and use the call via work feature the Lync server calls your cell phone and your mobile will not be charged for a outgoing call. This is actually also something that some carriers have expressed some negative thoughts about, but its technically not possible for them to stop so I guess why bother. But there will probably be some sorts of network limitations on using some apps like Skype and I hope that they wont try to block Lync.



Some words from Skype @ CES on Lync integration. – #Lync

Ok so over at Microsoft’s YouTube channel they just posted an interview from CES with the Vice Precedent of products at Skype that said that a Windows Phone Skype will be coming soon. He also said that there are 200 000 000 monthly users that made 300 000 000 000 minutes of calls last year and that’s about a quarter of the worlds internationals long distance calls.

The question that everybody asks, when are MS and Skype going to be more integrated. “We are working on it with a lot of MS products groups, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Xbox and Lync”

No real news, but its good to hear that they are working on it.

Microsoft to Acquire Skype–what does this mean to Lync? updated #Lync

So as you all might have heard Microsoft is going to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion in cash and you all might think what does this mean to the Lync business.

Well I see loads of possibilities, the first one is federation and from the press release we can read that “Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities” so this seems to be a priority. But when looking at how Microsoft prioritized a mobile Lync client I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The second one that comes to mind is to enable Skype as a siptrunking provider. This would also be great for Office 365 and Lync Online.

Microsoft also states that they will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms. So what I see here is a Skype client making a video call from android or iOS to a Lync client or a Xbox.

This will also hopefully open up Skype more looking at Microsoft previous investments in open interoperability.

Skype will become a new business division within Microsoft, and Skype CEO Tony Bates will assume the title of president of the Microsoft Skype Division, reporting directly to Ballmer. 


After watching the press conference I’m amazed that Lync was mentioned so many times, I think even more then Windows Phone so hopefully the Skype deal will bring gold to our Lync business. One area that Steve mentioned was that this deal will now make both business stronger and I can see this locally to since almost everyone of my customers asks for Skype integration. So this will for sure be one competitive strength against Cisco and the rest.



If we think of it from the video side, they mentioned that 40% of Skype’s traffic is video, that’s probably loads more than what I think we see in Lync, I might say 5-10% is video in Lync? (I have to update this after checking out some monitoring reports later)

What was also mentioned was that Skype is on 50 million TVs already, this will also enable these living rooms to connect to Lync.


Skype fits right in between your work and your life on a variety of devices and they were specific on that they will continue to support other platforms, since that is where they now and in the future will give them a competitive edge.


I also thought of one more thing that I hope they will incorporate in to Lync, the Skype Access service, lets say you are on an airport, and what this does is that even if you are not on the network as a paying customer, you can connect skype and make calls or video and skype just charges you 19¢ a minute for the time you are calling. No more expensive airport wifis to do Lync meetings or calls Open-mouthed smile read more on Skype Access here http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/features/allfeatures/skype-access/

The comments in this post is my own and only speculations, guesses and wishes of what I hope could come in the future by this deal.



Press release


Hey #Skype U SUCK BIGTIME! New prices

Skype has had a very good offer where you could have almost unlimited calling to Thailand for about 40 SEK per month or something like that.

Now they have just put up new info on its website with the new prices.

60 minutes now costs.
47.99 sek/month + VAT

120 minutes now costs.
85.99 kr/month + VAT

There is an end to the fun in other words: