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Lync Adoption and Training Kit – #Lync

The Lync Adoption and Training Kit provides a one-stop-shop for guidance and customizable training resources for IT Pros, HelpDesk, and Trainers.


It offers the following:

  • A Rollout and Adoption Workbook that provides a project timeline, tasks, and supporting resources for each phase of rollout and adoption.
  • Rollout and Adoption Primers, which give prescriptive guidance on how to get started with each phase, best practices, and lessons learned from Microsoft’s internal rollout of Lync.
  • Rollout and Adoption Resources, including guidance on how to create an adoption team, email templates, pilot phase sign-up forms, and awareness resources, including Lync posters, table tents, and stickers.
  • Customizable, rebrandable user education and training resources, including Quick Reference Cards, Short How-to Videos, Training Videos, and a customizable How-to Training Tool.
  • A new Tools and Apps section, which offers buzz-worthy applications, such as IM an Expert, along with training tools, including the Lync Custom Intranet Site and the Lync How-to Training Tool.

Where do you find it?

Lync Adoption and Training Kit can be found here http://lync.microsoft.com/Adoption-and-Training-Kit/