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Having a video call in Lync will never be the same again: Cisco/Tandberg eat this! – #Lync

One of the good things with Lync being “just” software is the endless possibilities that opens up to fine tune and create a system that is good for your organizations needs and well, price to for that matter.

First, you can hook up some conference rooms with some RED epic cameras and plug it in to the USB port on a quadcore computer of choice.


EPIC-M package includes:

  • EPIC-M Brain with titanium PL mount (machined)
  • Bomb EVF
  • 5″ Touchscreen LCD (machined)
  • DSMC Side Handle (machined)
  • DSMC Side SSD Module (machined)
  • REDmote (machined)
  • 4x 128GB SSD cards
  • 4x REDVolt batteries and travel charger
  • Custom laser-cut foam EPIC Pelican 1510 case
  • 2 years of warranty coverage
  • http://www.red.com/store/epic/product/epic-m



Then there is the brand new LG flicker-free Cinema 3D computer monitors.image

Price is not available yet.

After this setup I’m sure your golf buddies that’s been in the coolclub cause they have a cisco / Tandberg / whatever system, will now let you in and even might come to a meeting in your conference room again.


If you don’t like the RED epics and would go for some other cameras, make sure to look for this sticker.

And to make it easy I would recommend you to look in http://www.ultimate-communications.com/store/ to find all of the devices that are optimized for Microsoft Lync

Killer 1080p Webcam coming from MS #OCS #Lync

Microsoft’s 1080p LifeCam Studio sure looks good in the marketing video over at Microsoft Showcase

Engadget also has a review of it today here


I’m buying two…